Do you offer a full bar?

Yes! In addition to beer and wine we offer a selection of liquors and cocktails.

How much lobster is on your rolls?

Our lobster rolls have 4.5 ounces of tail, knuckle and claw meat.

You ran out of _______! What happened?

We’re sorry! In the name of freshness, we keep very limited inventories on-hand. We do our best to predict demand, but do occasionally run out of items. We know this is frustrating though we prioritize fresh ingredients above all!

Does your menu change?

Yes! Our menu changes with seasonal availability of seafood and produce.

Do you have Gluten free options?

Absolutely! Almost our entire menu can be prepared Gluten-Free. Please be sure to inform staff of your allergy!

Do you have shrimp?

The Gulf of Maine shrimp fishery has been depleted and is currently in the process of rebuilding. As part of our commitment to Gulf of Maine sourcing and marine resource sustainability we will not be serving shrimp until the Maine fishery re-opens.

Do you offer catering?

Yes, we offer catering from our restaurant and food truck! Tell us about your catering needs!

Can I order to-go?

Yup, we accept walk-in and call-in to-go orders! Our restaurant can be reached at 203-870-9565